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Getting No Access?

Hi, this is Nick here again.


I posted a blog yesterday, and it seems that it has not earned any accesses.

Yes, the content was a waste. But, I cannot wait because I am easy to get distracted from anything.


Nothing has ever engaged me at a great extent.

I have heard, or come to know naturally from my experience that English speakers easily get strong emotions, unlike many Japanese.

In other words, it may be difficult to understand but Japanese are less likely to get emotional.


I do not know exactly why, or do not have to know or find the evidence to that, but the English language is poor in emotional words compared to the Japanese language.

So, the way English speakers show how they feel is highly dependent on stressing words, face expression or body language, to expresss thir feelings.

Interestingly, these are what Japanese students who are studying abroad are not good at.


I am not the exception, even have much poorer emotion, at least that is how I look.


I am not writing this in a coherent way. So the story is going far away.

But I am really looking forward to see how this blog is accessed from overseas.


If this project(?) goes well, then I will think about writing something specifically.

Even if this does not work, I will keep posting for my English and to express something not worthful.


How many characters do I need to spend writing in English by the way? I mean, for the SEO purpose.

I am tired, so I am closing this here.