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Writing Hatena Blog in English

I know this is not going to work out very well, but I still want to try this out.


Hatenablog is basiclly a Japanese blog service. And what is good about this is that English is (partially) available for users.

So I wondered how much access I can get from writing Hatena blog in English, because, you know, it is a "Japanese" service.


Hatena blog is said to be very strong in terms of SEO. That is, blog posts written on Hatena blog service may show on top of Google search result pages.

But is this strong when blog posts are written in English?

So, this will be the first try to figure it out.


Bloggers usually write some useful tips or something interesting and attractive, for example by mentioning news or events, if they want traffics from search engines.

Otherwise, they, the people themselves, must be attractive. So, they basiclly need to be bookmarked? This is nonsense I think, since if readers are not interested in the blogger very much then there is less chance that the readers check the blog frequently.

But, we want it to be frequent, hopefully everyday. Now bloggers try to use SNS or some other services to send readers notifications.


Japanese mainly use Twitter to let the readers know blogs has been posted. But how about English natives? This is the biggest question.


If you somehow read this article and got interested in me, I would really like you to try to register Hatena blog service. It is free, and you can decide what notifications you will get.

I do not think I can write anymore today, goodbye.