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Difficult Things in University

I am a first grade university student in Australia.

And now, I am enjoying the two week mid-semester teaching break.


Ah, I am not. I am spending my time studying.

It is hard to catch up with the course content, even though English is not a problem to me.

I am currently taking four courses, two mathematics, accounting and economics.


I believe I am good at mathematics. I used to be good at it but now I am not sure about that. Although the content is getting tough, I think I have done it well so far. So maths is good.

The problems are accounting and economics. Their contents are easy, yes, easy, not very, but just easy. But what is hard for me is the reading. The courses usually require me to read one or two chapters every week. You may think this is not a problem, but it is a problem for those who are not good at English. What makes it more difficult is that I hate reading, not just in English, in Japanese as well.


Let say I get the score of 90 out of 100 in mathematics exam. Then if the Japanse exam has the same difficulty, then I would not get more than 45, a half of my maths score.

The reason, of course, is "reading." If I manage to read texts, I really do understand them. But I cannot spend time reading something that are not interesting. Japanese exam paper is like a chain of random meaningless words.


So, reading of one or two chapters per week is hard.


Hence, what I am trying to do in this mid-semester break is "read the texts ahead." I am now preparing for the classes of the first two weeks after the break. It is starting next Monday.

Now, I am left with another two chapters of reading and four assignments.


I will have to work tomorrow all the day.